Christian Lee is the owner of Escape Fitness in Medford. He is an incredible trainer, strength and conditioning specialist, kettlebell instructor, and coach. In addition, he's my personal kettlebell instructor! He is highly certified in baseball biomechanics and works with tons of high school and collegiate athletes. His facility assesses every client that walks in the door and utilizes NeuroKinetic Therapy as part of that assessment to help develop a specific program to meet each clients needs. His knowledge, insight, and ability to see faulty patterns makes him one of the leaders in the South Jersey fitness community. I'm honored to have the opportunity to interview Christian. Enjoy!

E28: Bob Gazso

Bob Gazso is an incredible body worker who has been utilizing NKT for over 11 years! Bob teaches NKT tutorials in the San Francisco area on a regular basis. His thought provoking posts on the NKT Scholars page always generate great discussions. Join me as we learn about Bob's background and how he utilizes all 3 Levels of NKT in his practice. He also share some interesting cases along the way! Another great interview with one of the great NKT practitioners in our community!

E27 Margy Verba

On this episode, I get Inside the Brain of Margy Verba! Margy is NeuroKinetic Therapist who has extensive training in Pilates, Anatomy in Motion, and many other movement disciplines. A lifelong student and teacher, Margy is constantly traveling to learn as well as to assist NKT classes. She even traveled from California to New Jersey to assist me teaching NKT Level 1 recently! Margy shares her struggles with learning NKT and how she overcame them to become one of her areas most sought after movement specialists. Margy has gone to great lengths to learn NKT, even traveling over 4 hours (one way) to attend NKT workshops! Her dedication is much appreciated and we are lucky to have her in the NKT community.

With over 30 years of experience, physical therapist Jackie Shakar shares her incredible knowledge on this episode of Inside the Brain of! Jackie is the Clinical Director for the Graston Technique as well as a full time professor in the Physical Therapy Assistant Program at Mount Wachusett Community College. Jackie combines NKT with the SFMA, as well as with the Graston Technique and applies the latest pain neuroscience concepts in her approach to patient management. Jackie is a bright light in the manual therapy community and it was an honor to interview her! 

E25: Adam Wolf

Adam Wolf is a physical therapist and massage therapist. He uses an eclectic approach of manual and movement modalities, with an emphasis on understanding the 3-D nature of the body, including the three movement planes, three components of fitness & vitality, as well as in mind-body-spirit.  He is Fellow of Applied Functional Science (Gray Institute), provider of NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) and a Rock Tape instructor. Adam’s passion for helping patients and educating professionals is absolutely inspiring. This interview left me wanting to learn more from him, immediately! Join us for an educational and enlightening interview!

Join me as I get Inside the Brain of massage therapist Jordan Terry! Jordan utilizes, NKT, P-DTR, trigger point therapy and integrated cranial work in his approach to patient management. Jordan shares with us how he combines these interesting modalities to provide incredible care for his clients. In the past few years, Jordan has attended all 3 Levels of NKT plus assisted an numerous classes. He provides some incredible insight in this exciting episode!

Dorie Miller is an incredible massage therapist that is an inspiration in the NKT community. We talk about her client successes as well as her personal struggle to learn NKT while overcoming a learning disability. She is a wonderful person with interesting experiences. We talk about a wide variety of subjects including her path to where she is today and of course, the pelvic floor. Dorie's story is simply amazing and highly motivational. If you are looking for inspiration, this episode is for you!

Celio Silva is an amazing personal trainer, manual therapist, movement educator and NKT Instructor. In fact, he's bringing NKT to South America! He utilizes many different techniques in his approach to managing his clients. Join us to hear how he incorporates NKT with these techniques to get incredible results with his clients.

Dr. Brock Easter is an incredible chiropractor and NeuroKinetic Therapy instructor. He utilizes acupuncture and Anatomy In Motion in his practice. Brock is an amazing doctor who is a natural teacher and educator. The founder of the Change the Way You Move Facebook page shares his incredible insight and knowledge on this episode of Inside the Brain of!

Noah Drucker is a brilliant massage therapist who utilizes NeuroKinetic Therapy in combination with Anatomy In Motion and P-DTR. Noah shares with us his unique approach and how he integrates these techniques in practice. Hear about some of his fascinating cases and his interesting background as a college and Arena League football player. Noah is a bright light in the NKT community. Join me as I peak inside his brain!

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